Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

The BA Linguistics program provides the student with the fundamentals of contemporary linguistic theories and methodologies which will enable her/him to study language scientifically for translation work, teaching and research. The program has three curricula – BA Linguistics – Plan A (Linguistics), BA Linguistics – Plan B (Linguistics and Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia), and BA Linguistics (Plan C – Linguistics and East Asian Languages).


Freshman admission in the BA Linguistics program is through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). For shiftees and transferees, the General Weighted Average (GWA) required to be eligible for admission is 2.0 for UP students and 1.75 for other students.

Requirements for Shiftees and Transferees
Application Form for Shiftees and Transferees

APPLICATION PERIOD: Please inquire at the Office of the College Secretary of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

Shiftees may inquire at the Office of the College Secretary at Palma Hall 101 (AS 101). Transferees may inquire at the Office of the University Registrar.

BA Linguistics Retention Policy

Linguistics students are required to have an average of 1.75 in their Linggwistiks 110 and 115 courses in order to continue the program. A retention average grade of 2.0 is also required in all the Linggwistiks courses. For Plans B and C majors, a 2.0 retention average grade is required in all the Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia (Plan B) and Hapon (Plan C) courses respectively.

The undergraduate program, Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics has three curricula:

1 PLAN A (Linguistics)
2 PLAN B (Linguistics and Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia)
3 PLAN C (Linguistics and East Asian Languages)

You may download the curricula here:
Plano A
Plano B
Plano C

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