PKSS-Korean Studies Workshop

PKSS-KSW FINAL (2) (1)2016 Philippine Korean Studies Symposium
Special Workshop for Academicians in the Philippines
July 20-22, 2016

With support from the Korea Foundation, the University of the Philippines Diliman has been successful in organizing the Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (PKSS) since 2012. The PKSS has become a venue for Filipino scholars to acquire new knowledge on Korean society, present their cutting-edge research, interact with renowned Korean Studies scholars from all over the world, and develop Korean programs in their respective institution.

On the fifth year of PKSS, the University would like to organize its first special workshop for academicians this July 2016. With the purpose of encouraging Korean Studies scholars in the Philippines to produce research in the field, the workshop aims to help Filipino Korean Studies graduate-level students, researchers, and scholars to develop their ongoing research works into publishable manuscripts for submission to journals in the country and/or abroad. The organizers hope that these research works would deepen the Filipino academicians’ awareness, understanding and knowledge of Korea and Korean Studies, and encourage them to challenge or integrate the concepts and ideas promoted by these researches as they develop their own Korean Studies curriculum and produce comparative research in their own institutions.

The PKSS-Korean Studies Workshop aims to

1) equip Filipino scholars with the knowledge to understand Korea through a variety of lectures by Korean Studies experts;

2) provide opportunities to develop an interdisciplinary approach in order to widen their teaching domain as well as produce meaningful comparative research or Korean Studies in the Philippines; and,

3) assist Korean Studies scholars into developing their working papers into manuscripts ready for submission to academic journals.

The organizers also hope that through this endeavor, Korean Studies scholars and experts in the Philippines and abroad can come together and develop collaborative research projects in the future.


The program is open to scholars / researchers who:

1) Are graduate-level students, researchers, or teachers in a higher education institution or research institute in the Philippines;

2) Are doing research on Korean Studies or any related field;

3) Preferably have working papers or ongoing research on Korean Studies which is neither published nor under review in any academic journal;

4) Have relevant experience to participate in the program.

The participants shall be selected by a screening committee upon submission of their CV and working paper / project brief of their ongoing research.


All participants will be provided food and hotel accommodation in Manila during the workshop for 3 days (July 20-22, 2016). Their working papers or ongoing research will be reviewed and critiqued by invited experts. The organizers will also get an editor to oversee the needed revisions based on the review of the experts. Once the manuscripts have been revised and submitted to the organizing committee, the organizers and editor will find possible publication avenues (e.g. in book form or an issue of an academic journal) for the manuscripts.

In turn, the participants shall attend all the sessions of the workshop; maintain constant communication with the experts and the editor as they revise their work, submit the revisions of their manuscript within the given deadlines and submit a final draft of their research work for submission to an academic journal.


The following documents must be submitted for application:

• Accomplished PKSS-KSW Application Form

• Recommendation letter from a professor or supervisor

• Curriculum vitae

• Working paper or project brief of an ongoing research on Korean studies

All required documents are to be submitted to pkssupd@gmail.com.

Applications will be accepted from April 4 (Monday) to May 6, 2016 (Friday).


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