for teachers of social sciences, languages, and introductory courses in linguistics

Facilitator: Professor Emeritus Jonathan C. Malicsi, PhD

Schedule:                   May 15-19, 2017
Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City

This seminar-workshop is designed to provide senior high school social science teachers with an overview of linguistics and language studies as part of the subject “Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences (DISS)” in the Grade-11 HUMSS track curriculum. Facilitators of language and introductory linguistic courses are also invited.

The seminar-workshop provides content and strategies for discussing linguistics in the lens of the social science. Topics include the structure of languages, variation, language acquisition and learning, language change, language planning, evolution of language, and language and culture.

Course Outline & Schedule

Session Topic
1      May 15
Animal vs Human communication
2      May 15
Language forms and processes: sounds and words

– articulation

– acoustics

– affixation

– sound changes

– compounding

3      May 16
Language forms and processes: sentences and meaning

– semantic primitives

– meaning relations

– rules

– trees

4      May 16
 Language acquisition

– monolingual

– multilingual

5      May 17
Language learning

– grammar + lexicon

– phrasebook

– immersion

6      May 17
Language skills

– expression

– comprehension

– evaluation

– negotiation

– translation

7      May 18
Language change

– evolution

– differentiation

– extinction

8      May 18
Language planning

– national language

– official languages

– instructional languages

– orthography

9      May 19
Language and mind

– cognition

– memory

10   May 19
Language and culture

– linguistic relativity

– ethnolinguistics


Registration fee is P 3,500 inclusive of syllabus and course materials payable at the UP Cashiers Office. Certificate of Completion will be given to participants.

To request for an invitation, please e-mail us at lingg@kssp.upd.edu.ph.

Registration Procedures:

  1. Download the PAYMENT SLIP.
  2. Pay the registration fee at the UP Diliman Cash Office (beside PNB – UP Campus Branch, behind UP Shopping Center).
  3. Register through the ONLINE FORM. Registration is until May 10, 2017 or until all slots have been filled (25 maximum number of students).
  4. Submit a copy of the UP official receipt to Department of Linguistics (personally or via email).




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