(As of 2nd Semester, AY 2019-20)

Associate Professors

Mary Ann Gaitan-Bacolod, Ph.D.
Hiligaynon Language, Translation, Sociolinguistics, Japanese Language & Linguistics

Jesus Federico C. Hernandez
Bikol Languages, Dialectology, Historical Linguistics, Austronesian Linguistics, Structural Linguistics

Aldrin P. Lee, Ph.D.
Cuyonon, Synchronic Linguistics, Chomskyan Theories, Lexicography, Korean Linguistics, Korean Studies

Assistant Professors

Farah C. Cunanan
Japanese and Chinese Language & Linguistics, Communication Research, Sociolinguistics, Translation

Divine Angeli P. Endriga

Maria Kristina S. Gallego (On study leave)
Batanic Languages, Historical Linguistics, Japanese Language & Linguistics

Jay-Ar M. Igno
Korean Language & Linguistics, Translation, Tagalog & Aeta Languages, Ethnolinguistics

Jem R. Javier (Chair)
Tagalog/Filipino Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Philippine Lexicography, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, Dialectology

Elsie Marie T. Or
English Linguistics, Structural Linguistics, Syntactic Theories, Comparative Linguistics, Chinese Language

Ria P. Rafael
Dialectology, Sociolinguistics, Language Learning & Acquisition, Japanese Language & Linguistics

Francisco C. Rosario, Jr.
Pangasinan Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Cultural Studies, Language Learning & Acquisition

Assistant Professorial Fellow

Kyungmin Bae, Ph.D.
Korean Language Education, Foreign Language Learning, Language Teacher Identity

Kritsana Canilao, Ph.D.
Thai Linguistics, Austronesian Linguistics, Dialectology, Historical Linguistics


Michael S. Manahan
Japanese Language, Anthropological Linguistics, Emotion Research

Vincent Christopher A. Santiago

Professorial Lecturers

Viveca V. Hernandez, Ph.D.
Japanese & Spanish Languages, Ilokano Morphology & Syntax, Synchronic Linguistics, Lexicography, Ethnolinguistics

Irma U. Peneyra, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturers

Roelia V. Alvarez
Japanese Language

Sidney Christopher T. Bata, Ph.D.
Chinese Language

Mark Rae C. De Chavez
Linguistic Typology, Morphosyntax, Korean Language, Kapampangan

Are Fukayama
Japanese Language

Ma. Kristina Carla S. Rico
Korean Language


Marco Angulo
Korean Language

Athena D. Cabazor
Japanese Language

Cristopher Vincent L. Dofitas
Linguistics, Japanese Language

Junilo S. Espiritu
Japanese Language

Jonalene L. Victorio
Japanese Language

Lean Akiko Sunga
Japanese Language

Professor Emeritus

Jonathan C. Malicsi, Ph. D.
English & Filipino Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Translation, Syntax, Semantics, Ethnolinguistics

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1st Semester, (2020-21)September 15th, 2020
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