Extension Programs

Extension is one of the focal functions of UP as a national university. Extension, as defined in the existing university code, is “the provision of service by an academic unit, faculty, staff, and students (outside of course requirements), individually or as a group, to the people and other organizations”. With the goal of “achieving excellence in social and public service”, extension activities should generate, validate, and apply knowledge that can enrich instruction and research.

Pursuant to this goal of the university, the UP Department of Linguistics undertakes extension activities in addition to research and instruction. In the past ten years, the department has already held various extension activities such as conferences, trainings and workshops and has also initiated extramural programs in Linguistics and Asian languages.

UP Department of Linguistics Extension Agenda

1. The UP Department of Linguistics, in accordance with its primary goal to become the center of researching and archiving the languages of the Philippines, shall conduct extension activities aimed to document, disseminate research and/or educate the public about Philippine languages.
2. Pursuant to its role of teaching the national languages of Asia, the department shall also undertake extension activities on the teaching and promotion of Asian languages.
3. In line with its goal of integrating linguistic knowledge into language pedagogy, the department shall also endeavor to conduct extension activities fulfilling such objective.

The UP Department of Linguistics offers the following extension programs:

(1) Linguistics for Language Teachers (LLT), and;
(2) Extramural Classes in Asian Languages (ECAL).

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