Asian Languages

The UP Department of Linguistics offers Asian Languages Extramural Classes in

*Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia
*Mandarin Chinese

Classes are held every Saturday (except for the Japanese / Korean for Kids & Teens classes offered every summer and Integrated Japanese held on weekdays). The registration fee per module is Php 3,500 (inclusive of learning materials). Classes meet for 3 hours per session for 10 sessions or 2 hours per session for 15 sessions for the weekday Integrated Japanese class (total of 30 hours). A certificate of completion is given to students who have successfully passed the requirements of the course.

Class offerings:

Cycle 1 (January-March) : Registration starts in December.
Cycle 2 (May-July) : Registration starts in April.
Cycle 3 (September-November) : Registration starts in August.

Integrated Japanese 1 (June-December) : Registration starts in May.
Integrated Japanese 2 (January-June) : Registration starts in December.

Kid & Teens Classes (April and/or May) : Registration starts in March.

Kindly read the Extramural Classes FAQs. Should you have further inquiries, please get in touch with us.


NOTE: Failure to comply with the above instructions may mean deferment of enrollment. A class will be closed for registration as soon as the slots have been filled. A refund may only be issued if the Department has made some changes in the schedule of classes proving to be an inconvenience on the part of the student. Payment is only valid for one (1) cycle (e.g. December and January official receipts are valid only for the January to March 2017 Cycle).

For further inquiries, please e-mail lingg@kssp.upd.edu.ph or call (2) 981 8500 local 2128. You may also check the FAQs at ALEC FAQs.

2017 Cycle 1 ALEC Weekday Class Registration Guidelines2017 Cycle 3 ALEC Weekday Classes



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