Asian Languages

The UP Department of Linguistics offers Asian Languages Extramural Classes in

*Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia
*Mandarin Chinese

Classes are held every Saturday (except for the Japanese / Korean for Kids & Teens classes offered every summer and Weekday Classes). The registration fee per module is Php 3,500 (inclusive of learning materials). Classes meet for 3 hours per session for 10 sessions or 2 hours per session for 15 sessions for the weekday classes (total of 30 hours). A certificate of completion is given to students who have successfully passed the requirements of the course.

Class offerings:

Cycle 1 (January-March) : Registration starts in December.
Cycle 2 (May-July) : Registration starts in April.
Cycle 3 (September-November) : Registration starts in August.

Kid & Teens Classes (April and/or May) : To be announced.

For more details, please go to bit.ly/ExtramuralClasses. For inquiries, please email linggextrams@kssp.upd.edu.ph or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uplinguisticsextrams.



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