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3rd Linguistics Department Research Colloquium

3rd Research Colloquium

3rd Linguistics Department Research Colloquium
Abstracts Deadline: July 30, 2015


The UP Department of Linguistics welcomes paper submissions that are aligned with its research thrust: the scientific study, preservation and promotion of Philippine languages through teaching, research, and publication.

There will be two categories: undergraduate & graduate. To qualify for the undergraduate category, the student must be a BA Linguistics major. To qualify for the graduate category, the student must be an MA or PhD Linguistics student.

Abstracts of full papers should be submitted not later than July 30, 2015 to lingg@kssp.upd.edu.ph. The paper must not have been presented previously to an open public. The paper can be in English or Filipino.

Abstracts should be at least 150 words. Submissions should include a separate file with the author’s name, complete contact information (e-mail address, mobile number, & mailing address) and a 50-word bionote.

Accepted papers will be presented publicly and will be given cash incentives.


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