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MA / PhD Program Applicants Interview Schedule

Date: May 14, 2014 (Wednesday)

Interview Room: Faculty Center Room 2110 (UP Department of Linguistics)

10:00 ALIPASA, Clark Dominic L
10:20 ARVESU, Betsy T
10:40 BLANCO, Mary Jane Z
11:00 BORJA, Mary Ruth I
11:20 CHUA, Allister Roy S
11:40 MANZANO, Diane A
13:00 PARILLA, Jeremy Dan C
13:20 SADSAD, Alyssa May H
13:40 SADURAL, Samantha Jade T
14:00 SAURE, Kevin Brandon E
14:20 ATALIA, Eros S
14:40 ATANACIO, Isagani Mark K
15:00 CAINOY, John Philip D
15:20 JAVIER, Jem R
15:40 MOLINA, Maridette E
16:00 TAYAG-ABINGOSA, Danilyn A


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