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Extramural Classes

Extramural Classes FAQs

(1) Q: I am not a student of UP Diliman, may I enrol in the UP Department of Linguistics Extramural Classes?

A: The UP Department of Linguistics Asian Languages Extramural Classes is OPEN TO EVERYONE interested in studying a language offered by the department. Our students are mostly from the professional world – government offices, NGOs, and private companies but everyone is welcome to enrol, including young language learners.

(2) Q: I have a background in the language, may I enroll in a higher language module?

A: If you have a background (i.e. formal study in academic or language institutions), you may take a placement exam so we may place you in the appropriate language module. The next schedule is in December 2017. We’ll announce the schedule on our Facebook page.

For those who wish to take Japanese classes, placement exams are waived for the following:
(1) Have taken and passed a Hapon course/s in UP Diliman.
(2) A Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) passer.
(3) Have taken and passed a Japanese course/s in Ateneo De Manila University.

For those who wish to take Korean classes, placement exams are waived for the following:
(1) Have taken and passed a Koreyano course/s in UP Diliman.
(2) A Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) passer.

(3) Q: I have already enrolled in a language module and my work schedule suddenly changed, hence, I will not be able to attend the class, may I ask for a refund?

A: A refund request is only allowed if the department has made changes in the schedule, hence, proving to be inconvenient on the part of the student. For these cases, the department will inform and contact you right away. If the classes haven’t started yet, you have the following options:

(1) Defer your enrollment to the next cycle
(2) Enroll in another language class with an available slot
(3) Nominate someone to take your place willing to enroll in a language class with an available slot

Please note that validity of your payment is only until the next cycle. Otherwise, your payment will be forfeited.

(4) Q: Will you give us a certificate after our class?

A: A certificate of completion will only be issued to students who has successfully satisfied all the requirements of the course. Course requirements are given usually on the first day of class and may vary per class / teacher.

(5) Q: Do you offer extramural courses in French / Spanish?

A: The UP Department of Linguistics offers extramural courses in Asian Languages – Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia and Thai. For European languages, please check https://www.facebook.com/del.extramurals .

(6) Q: May I deposit my registration payment in a bank?

A: Payment is only via the UP Diliman Cash Office. If you cannot personally pay, a representative may pay for you. Just make sure that the name on the receipt is the student’s. Please note that the Cash Office accepts CASH PAYMENT only.

(7) Q: Is the UP Diliman Cash Office open on Saturdays?

A: The UP Diliman Cash Office is open only on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays) from 8am to 5pm (without lunch break). Don’t forget your payment slip that is downloadable from the Extramural Classes page.

(8) Q: I have taken a language module but did not satisfy all the requirements and I want to take the higher language module in the next cycle. May I enroll in the higher module class?

A: You have to take a placement exam or (re)take the final exam and get a passing grade in order to enroll in the higher language module. To schedule your exam, please e-mail the department. NOTE: The schedule of the placement exam for those who wish to enroll in the 2017 Cycle 3 (Sep-Nov 2017) classes has already ended. The next schedule of placement exam is in December 2017. Kindly check this page for updates.

(9) Q: May I enroll in 2 (or 3) language modules in a cycle?

A: You may do so provided that you satisfy the prerequisite modules of the courses that you wish to take. For example, you are allowed to take Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia 1 and Chinese 1 in the same cycle but will not be allowed to take Japanese 1 and Japanese 2 in the same cycle because Japanese 1 is the prerequisite module of Japanese 2.

(10) Q: Are the classrooms air-conditioned?

A: Yes, all classrooms used by the UP Department of Linguistics are air-conditioned and are ‘smart classrooms’ (i.e. a projector and sound system are readily available for use in our classrooms). However, there are cycles in which a class/es is/are held in a room/s not assigned to the Department of Linguistics which may or may not be air-conditioned.

(11) Q: Can I pay the registration fee (Php 3,500) in instalment or via credit card?

A: The UPD Cash Office only accepts FULL payment in CASH only.

(12) Q: Why should I enrol in your Asian Languages Extramural Classes?

A: University of the Philippines is the nation’s premier university. UP Department of Linguistics is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as the only CENTER OF EXCELLENCE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES. Our instructors are trained abroad and have a background in linguistics. The UP Department of Linguistics is committed to bringing quality foreign language learning through its extension programs.

(13) Q: Where are the classes held?

A: All classes are held in Palma Hall.

(14) Q: Does the PHP 3,500 fee include the materials for the class?

A: YES. The registration fee already includes the materials so you don’t need to pay additional fees.

(15) Q: I have already registered online and submitted a copy of my receipt 2 days ago, why is my name not on the class list?

A: Sometimes, a registration is PENDING due to any of the following reasons:

(1) you might not have successfully finished your registration online (e.g. there are cases when a student thinks that he/she has already finished the online registration but failed to submit the form)

(2) your chosen class is already full

(3) you registered online and chose multiple courses but the receipt only covers 1 module

(4) the image of your receipt is unreadable

If your registration is PENDING, the Department will attempt to contact you (provided that we have a way to do so) through e-mail or phone call. In case that we do not have any means of reaching you and you haven’t heard from us since you last submitted your receipt, please do get in touch with us.

(16) Q: Is there a fee for the placement exam?

A: No fee is collected for the placement exam.

(17) Q: How long is the placement exam?

A: A placement exam is usually taken for an hour.

(18) Q: Where is the placement exam held?

A: Placement exams are held at Palma Hall 1325 (3F, Pavilion 1 – UP Department of Linguistics Office).

For other questions or concerns, you may call the department at 981 8500 loc 2128 or e-mail  lingg@kssp.upd.edu.ph.



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